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名表品牌江诗丹顿推出“Les Collectionneurs” 复古系列,包括臻选自私人收藏家与拍卖会,发布于1922年至1993年间的珍稀怀表与腕表,展现了品牌263多年丰厚的历史底蕴与制表工艺。此系列在ION商场品牌专店内展出并售卖,即日起至4月27日结束。请前往店内亲自体验名表深厚的历史底蕴与卓越制表技艺。

Words: 赵璐

Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watchmaking manufacture since 1755, presents Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs, an exquisite and rare selection of 18 travelling vintage timepieces, exclusively at the Vacheron Constantin Singapore ION Orchard Boutique for a limited time only. Avid watch connoisseurs and collectors will now have a chance to acquire Vacheron Constantin certified vintage timepieces presented in Vacheron Constantin cases, with a certificate of authenticity by the Manufacture. A vivid embodiment of Vacheron Constantin’s consistent and uninterrupted dedication to watchmaking excellence for over 263 years, all the Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs vintage timepieces were carefully hand-picked from private collectors and at auctions, fully serviced and restored by the Maison’s heritage specialists in Geneva. The Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs includes pocket watches manufactured between 1922 and 1949, and wristwatches manufactured between 1927 and 1993. Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs Exclusively at Vacheron Constantin Singapore ION Orchard Boutique from 8 March - 27 April 2018.

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